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The Hansen Company Safety Overview

The importance of having a safe project cannot be overstated.  It is an absolute necessity, and safety can never be compromised, under any conditions. Not only is worker safety paramount to The Hansen Company but the safety of any visitors or surrounding neighbors to our jobsites is equally as important.  It is our intention to have zero accidents on every job.

All Hansen Company personnel receive extensive training and education on jobsite safety.  An effective safety program is not simply a system of site inspections, but also includes early planning, worker education, systematic inspections, evaluations and follow-up enforcement for violations.

The Hansen Company also requires that all subcontractors take part in our project-specific safety program.  Preparation of the Project Safety Plan begins during the planning phase with an identification of needs and requirements. However, the implementation of the Plan continues throughout the entire project. Supervising all aspects of project site safety and compliance will be the responsibility of the project team.

Our team has an obligation to the community, our clients and employees to maintain a workplace free of hazards to health and safety.  We set out each day with the goal that anyone who comes into contact with our project will go home safely every night in the same condition they started the day.

One way to measure a contractor’s safety program is through their EMR (Experience Modification Ratio) which is an OSHA-calculated ratio which provides an indication of contractor safety.  The lower the EMR, the safer the contractor.  Industry standard is set at 1.0.  The Hansen Company’s 2013 EMR is .82 and we’ve maintained an EMR under 1.0 for the past four years.