Project Estimator

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  • Prepare solicitation list for subcontractors and suppliers
  • Work with estimating coordinator to contact subcontractors and suppliers
  • Identify ‘key’ subcontractors for specific project
  • Fill out specifications outline form, if applicable
  • Prepare detailed project estimate as follows:
  • Set up Timberline estimate, including project name, owner, architect, estimator name, job size, duration, bid date, etc.
  • Accurate take off quantities for labor, material, and subcontractor items,           no ‘lump sums’
  • Preliminary schedule showing construction sequence, to be used to establish general conditions and/or fee
  • Subcontractor and supplier bid tickets showing detailed scope outlines and associated costs
  • Review estimate at least one day prior to bid date
  • Manage estimate on bid day
  • Be sure additional people are available to assist if needed
  • Review all subcontractor and supplier quotes for complete scope
  • Review estimate one hour prior to time of bid
  • Prepare schedule, scope, and pricing information for owner (as requested)
  • Obtain bid results from owner/architect including number of bidders, bid amounts, accepted alternates, etc.
  • Enter bid results into Timberline estimate for future reference
  • Turn over bid tabs and estimate copy for estimating coordinator file (bid tabs only if unsuccessful)
  • If needed prepare value engineering items for owner/architect
  • Move estimate from jobs being bid folder to appropriate folder in database
  • Turn project over to project manager
  • Review subcontractor and supplier quotes for scope
  • Assist in subcontractor and supplier buyout


  • Based on owner and/or architect’s preliminary idea’s, prepare conceptual budget
  • Set up Timberline estimate with project information – save estimate as “Conceptual Budget”
  • Solicit budgets for major subcontractor and supplier categories
  • Using cost histories, complete remaining budget
  • Create preliminary design and construction schedule
  • Prepare budgeted cost and scope of work for owner and/or architect’s review/approval
  • Work with architect to design Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) drawings within the parameters of the conceptual budget
  • Establish Guaranteed Maximum Price with owner/architect based on GMP drawings
  • Set up estimate with project information – save estimate as ”GMP Estimate”
  • Prepare bid packages and solicit subcontractors and suppliers for GMP’s
  • Receive and review subcontractor and supplier quotes
  • Finalize design and construction schedule
  • Develop value engineering options with architect if needed
  • Work with architect to design final construction drawings within the parameters of the Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Upon completion of construction drawings, finalize subcontractor and supplier pricing and turn over to project manager
  • Set up estimate using GMP prices as subcontractor and supplier “plugs” – save estimate as “Current Estimate”
  • Update “Current Estimate” until all subcontractor and supplier pricing is final, save estimate as ”Final Estimate”


  • File all unsuccessful bids for future reference (including bids prepared by others)
  • Create bid summary showing other bidders and results
  • Generate monthly report showing the results of all projects bid during the month
  • Obtain actual project costs and changes for completed projects for future reference
  • Create cost history library showing unit costs for various items

Please send your resume to Jason Eveland 515-270-1117.