Project Superintendent

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Essential Duties

The Project Superintendent is responsible to establish the safety culture on the jobsite and work closely with the Project Manager to manage, coordinate and schedule construction projects while being the sole person supervising construction workers. Project Superintendents are responsible for work quality and for keeping the project on time and within budget.



  • Ability to read and respond to email on computer and smart phone.
  • Produce quality work meeting requirements of the plans, specifications and industry standards.  Quality control is a top priority.
  • Attendance of Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings.

Plans & Specifications

  • Ability to read and interpret construction documents. Thoroughly study plans and specifications prior to start of the project. Record all addenda or change order items on plans and specifications. Keep as-built notations on current project plans.
  • Check plans and specifications for accuracy of dimensions and inconsistencies between plan sheets and specifications.
  • Examine/inspect field conditions and identify problems, inaccuracies, and cost saving measures that arise or that may be encountered.
  • Initiate Requests for Information (RFIs) as issues arise.

Project Scheduling

  • Assist Project Manager in creating and maintaining overall project schedule using the estimate, specifications, material deliveries, equipment availability and labor force as resources.
  • Creation of a short term look ahead schedule (3 or 4 week).
  • Review schedule with general field superintendent to coordinate labor and equipment.
  • Ability to lead weekly onsite subcontractor coordination meeting.
  • Display project schedule and any subsequent changes to the schedule at the jobsite.
  • Coordinate arrival of subcontractors and materials onsite, always more than a week in advance. Follow up with subcontractor/supplier within 2 days of scheduled arrival.

Please send your resume to Jason Eveland 515-270-1117.