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General Contracting is the traditional process in which the construction entity takes full responsibility for managing all equipment, materials and subcontractors required to complete the project with no responsibility for design. Contract is either awarded to low bidder as a stipulated sum as part of the design, bid, build approach or negotiated with the preferred GC on a fixed fee and a guaranteed maximum price basis. In either case, the owner maintains a separate contract with the architect.

While public or governmental entities are required by law to use the “hard bid” approach, building owners are realizing that the negotiated method can be just as competitive, while offering many of the advantages of Design/Build, and the trend continues to move toward this type of relationship.

Because it has a solid reputation for integrity and has built a client list based on long-term relationships, Hansen completes nearly 75% of its work on a negotiated basis each year. Selection of Hansen early in the design process ensures that you receive maximum value and the highest quality.