400 E Court Ave 02
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About the project

Security Benefit was founded in 1892. Since then, the company has grown
to $45.9 billion in assets under management, becoming one of the leaders
in the U.S. retirement market. As the company grew, it wanted a presence
in Des Moines to be close to the robust insurance and financial services
sectors in the area.
The company’s new space was designed to foster creativity, collaboration,
and productivity for its expanding workforce. The modular pre-fabricated
walls and cabinetry, custom-made conference room furniture, a striking
wood beam ceiling, and a large rooftop patio helps Security Benefit attract
and retain talent in a competitive marketplace. Collaboration with Security
Benefit, the Owner’s Rep, the design team, and specialty subcontractors
was crucial to bringing the vision of the space to life.

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