Delivery Methods

At The Hansen Company we are accustom to working under many different Delivery Methods which often result in our involvement at a variety of points along the progression of project design and planning. Regardless of the Delivery Method, it is always our preference to be involved as early as possible in order to influence decisions which affect quality, schedule, cost impacts (upfront costs vs. long term and life cycle costs) and other critical areas in which we can provide valuable input during the design and preconstruction process.

Depending on the needs of the project; we are comfortable and experienced serving in many different capacities including:

  • CMA: Construction Manager as Agent
  • CMR: Construction Manager at Risk
  • D-B: Design-Build
  • GC: General Contractor

We can also help our clients select the design team, owner’s rep or program manager as needed.  In short, we’re flexible in our approach and willing to do whatever the client needs to help make the project successful.


As the vast majority of our projects are negotiated and involve our input and upfront collaboration with the owner and design team, we are no strangers to preconstruction efforts. In doing so we have witnessed time and time again that the preconstruction process is an investment that pays dividends and adds real value to the project.

At The Hansen Company, our preconstruction approach is coordinated with the design process. As design advances we are actively providing input on constructability, material selection and associated cost impacts, schedule implications and a whole host of considerations. We also provide early and accurate budgets and estimates so it’s understood how the design decisions are impacting costs. As the design advances we’ll move from historical and current-project pricing to more subcontractor-specific input.

We can also help steer clear of any potential pitfalls which may result in a budget gap or lack of subcontractor coverage on bid day. By integrating design and construction at the very beginning of a project, more efficient methods and materials are likely to be identified. These discoveries help create “Best Value” and promote a more aggressive construction schedule.

In preconstruction, early involvement among project team members provides greater multidisciplinary collaboration and information sharing which creates a true team process and more successful outcomes. Integrated delivery, construction planning and an accelerated schedule are hallmarks of this approach.

All in all, the upfront planning and exploration that preconstruction provides is invaluable and worth the effort. Our upfront preconstruction involvement allows us to deliver a better project when taking into account total life cycle costs, project quality, adherence to schedule and the overall experience. If given the opportunity our preconstruction professionals are ready to add value and make a positive impact on the project.


Construction for any contractor is where the rubber meets the road. This is after all, why we exist. “Excellence From Every Angle” is not just our tagline, it’s our uncompromising expectation of ourselves. To ensure this outcome it requires upfront clear and effective communication. This is why before construction commences, we work with the subcontractors and vendors to define parameters and set expectations. Those expectations revolve around safety, quality control, schedule management and acceptable jobsite behavior. Once those are established, we follow up with some of the most rigorous inspection and documentation programs in the industry.


Our experienced jobsite and safety team members provide daily oversight to ensure quality. Our project superintendents and field teams inspect the job site every day to make sure that each element of the construction project complies with the specifications and expectations. Work that doesn’t meet the quality standards is removed and redone, period.

We believe that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Each member of the project team is committed to achieving quality results. Delivering quality is all about doing it right the first time.

Our schedule management will include all activities including owner activities, design milestones, city approvals, street closures (as applicable), submittal procurement, material lead times along with actual construction activities and any other necessary information that is needed to manage and communicate the schedule.


Culture of Safety

Instilling a culture of safety is a top priority at The Hansen Company. We are convinced that it pays dividends in our most precious resource; human capital. We know from experience that top-down support is important to set a tone but for a culture to develop and maintain, it has to be a bottom-up, across-the-board initiative.

Through teamwork and collaboration, our safety program has evolved over many years of consistent, steadfast dedication to the tenants of the program. We don’t check boxes or go through the motions. From the bottom to the top, office to field; safety is a critical part of our culture. It transcends the jobsite. It’s a part of our daily experience inside and outside of work.

Safety Recap

Master Builders of Iowa

As further proof of our commitment to safety, Master Builders of Iowa (MBI) and Iowa OSHA selected The Hansen Company as the Outstanding Company Safety Award winner. The award has become one of the most prestigious safety awards for the construction industry in the state of Iowa. The award’s intention is to encourage and recognize substantial achievements in construction safety. The Outstanding Company Safety Award aims to recognize best practices in accident prevention and promote the industry’s best achievements to advance safety at all levels.

“The honor and recognition is very special, not only for our employees who work on our jobsites every day,” said Hansen Company President Craig Faber, “but also for the many subcontractors, material suppliers and other visitors who regularly visit or work on our jobsites. Many of these men and women have families and loved ones that are depending on them and waiting for them at home so our safety efforts must extend well beyond the jobsite. We owe it to them to provide a safe place to work.” At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.


Finishing strong is critical. We know that effectively managing a project 99% of the way is not good enough. Successful construction projects must be 100% complete at the time they are turned over to the client for move in and occupancy. We have to close out projects, turn them over and get out of the way as quickly as possible with no lingering issues or outstanding work to be done.

We understand how frustrating it can be when a construction project doesn’t complete on time or if punchlist items don’t get cleaned up. At The Hansen Company we are relentless at following up and cleaning up any outstanding items. We’re there for you until every last item is completed and closed out, and that includes the warranty. The industry standard is a one-year warranty but we’re here for you when you need assistance or help with a warranty-related issue regardless of when it occurs. We don’t turn our backs on our clients, and you count on us to help in any way that we can.