Jeremy Harder

Field Operations Manager

Jeremy grew up in a large family that moved often as his dad performed mission work across the United States and abroad.  He learned the value of hard work and resiliency from an early age.  Straight out of high school he started in construction as a home builder and he has stayed close to the industry ever since. Inspired by his dad and driven by his own passion to help others, Jeremy and his wife Shana took a detour from construction to work in the nonprofit world for several years. They love working with the poor to help influence and develop see systemic change in the lives of those who live on the margins.

After many years of social work, Jeremy felt the call to come back to construction and he joined The Hansen Company.  The move has proved to be advantageous for Jeremy, the company and our clients.  Preferring relationship-based interactions and leadership over an authoritative style; Jeremy can often be seen patting someone on the back, extending a helping hand and even offering a hug which is rarely accepted on the jobsite but humorously appreciated.

When he is not working to support the personnel on the jobsite; Jeremy and his family including two young boys love exploring new places. Taking trips to national parks, exploring new cities and hiking trails are all part of the adventure.  A man of many talents, Jeremy is also an accomplished musician.  Jeremy and some of his friends started the “Beer and Hymns” gospel experience at The Hall in West Des Moines. He loves introducing the sacredness of hymns in an unusual place.  This has proved to be a wonderful outlet for his gift of playing the guitar and singing.  Whether it be on the jobsite, at a community event, hiking in the backcountry or spreading the gospel in a loud, ruckus bar; what you see is what you get with Jeremy. A fun loving, caring people-person with a big smile and an even bigger heart.


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