Backpocket and Pixel 88
Backpocket and Pixel 02
Backpocket and Pixel 28
Backpocket and Pixel 27 IE25
Backpocket and Pixel 30
Backpocket and Pixel Vertical

About the project

After success in Dubuque and Coralville, Backpocket Brewery set its sights on expanding to the Des Moines metro by creating a convenient and vibrant gathering spot in the Johnston Town Center.

A defining feature of the building is its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which allow natural light to pour into the interior and create a welcoming atmosphere. The brewery’s retro arcade features a variety of vintage games as well as duckpin bowling. An eye-catching 360° bar is the centerpiece of the space while Backpocket Pin & Pixel is the heartbeat of the development.

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