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About the project

Easter Lake Park has a unique history as it was built on the last operating coal mine in Polk County. Prior to its establishment as a park, there were discussions about converting the area into a landfill site after the last strip mine was closed. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of neighborhood leaders, the site was converted into a park.

As the park’s popularity grew, a new vision was born; the Athene North Shore Recreation Area. This transformative development will make Easter Lake the most accessible park in the country. The project consists of four newly constructed buildings: a rowing facility with a gymnasium, a concession building, an event building, and a restroom. Additionally, the project incorporates several accessibility features such as zero-entry ramps, adaptive recreation equipment, extra-wide sidewalks, and modified signage to enhance navigation for visitors with disabilities. Ultimately, this impactful project will serve as a testament to inclusivity, catering to people of all abilities.

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